JetBlue Airlines flight reservations can be easily modified or canceled if you know about the correct mediums of flight cancellation. To find out the several ways with which you can cancel your flight reservations, scroll to the bottom.

Tips to cancel the flight reservations on the JetBlue Airlines

1.To cancel the flight reservations on JetBlue Airlines, first of all, go to the official website of the airline and then tap on the manage booking section.

  1. Now from here, enter the booking number that you have and get the remaining booking details that you have. Coming next, now look for the cancellation button just in case your flight allows cancellation of the flight.
  2. Move to the next page and confirm the cancellation. Post cancellation, you can fill out the request form that will help you to apply for the flight refund.
  3. You can even call on the helpline number of the airline and apply for a flight refund. For the flight refund, you can contact the helpline number.
  4. For the cancelation and refund, you can even go to the ticket office of the airline, give in all your flight details and then call off the confirmed bookings.

Flight cancellation policies of the JetBlue Airlines

To cancel the JetBlue booking, you have to check the flight refund policies and only then you can apply for the refund.

  1. If you cancel the flight bookings within 24 hours of the flight reservations then you can apply for the full flight refund.
  2. And if you cancel the bookings after 24 hours then you have to pay the cancellation charges and only then you would be able to get the refund.
  3. There is no policy to apply for any sort of flight reservation refund on the non-refundable flight booking.

And that’s how you can cancel the bookings. In case of any doubt, contact the JetBlue customer service representative via call or email.