How to book an extra seat with Delta Airlines?

If passengers wish to purchase an extra seat for more comfort during the flight, it is possible with Delta Airlines. You can purchase an extra seat on Delta and codeshare flights. To purchase an extra seat with Delta Airlines, you need to contact a travel agent who can assist with the queries. For any other queries related to services or extra seat booking, you can contact the customer service team.

Extra seat with Delta Airlines

As there is no option of seatbelt extender and lower the armrest, if a passenger is impacting on the other passenger, you will be asked to move to another location for additional space. If the extra seating flight is unavailable, you need to wait, and you will be offered to take a later flight. If you want to avoid this situation, you must purchase an extra seat for flying. When you want to book an extra seat, you must know how to book seats on Delta Airlines. Here are the steps for extra seat booking:

  • You can create the new PNR using the last name of the passenger, and EXST for the extra seat.
  • Then, enter the passenger type codes to check for the requested seats. To book a passenger's seat, use ADT and for any additional seats OTS.
  • You need to add SFPD info for an extra seat.
  • Then, you will be assigned two seats, next to each other.
  • The extra seat will not be assigned in the exit row, emergency rows.

For more details on Delta airlines booking or extra seating, you can contact the support team of the airline. To get support services from the representatives of the airline, you can use the call, email, or live chat options. All the contact details are easily available on the official website of Delta website airline.